Colon, Michigan: The Magic Capital Of The World. As BJ Mallen put it, "you go anywhere in the world and ask a magician if they've ever heard of Colon, and you'll very seldomly hear they haven't. Colon is preparing for the event which is their namesake. An event that draws thousands of people every year to witness, wonder, laugh as Abbott's Magic Shop is set to host their 82nd Annual Magic Get Together, from Wednesday August 7th until Saturday August 10th.

BJ Mallen has been in the studio before to perform magic for us and to talk a little about this annual gathering. Yesterday, he stopped by the KFR studio again to discuss just how big this annual get together can be, while also talking about who has the best pizza in Colon. Lucky's has the best pizza I've ever had, but I have to try Five Star next week so I can truly make the call. Enjoy our chat below, and if you've never been to the Magic Get Together before, you really should check it out.

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