That's definitely one way to make the best out of a snowstorm!

Chicago resident Daniel Zablotskiy and his friend, Orest Sosnivka decided to have a little winter fun after last weekend's snowfall. Did they build a snowman? No. Did they have a snowball fight? Also, no. Did they at least go sledding?? Again, no.

What they did decide to do is hook up a couple of lines off the back of a pickup truck and take snowboarding to the streets of Chicago!

The clear disdain for dangerous road conditions aside, I have a serious bone to pick with northerners. Here's why.

I have lived in Florida for a long 32 years during which I have experienced the rest of the nation continuously making fun of my (former) ridiculous state. Was most of it deserved? Absolutely. A common theme was to say how dumb Floridians were for doing the following:

HUH. Look familiar?

People make fun of Florida allll the time. But, here they are doing the same exact thing as those crazy Floridians.

Personally, I've never wake boarded in the streets, despite numerous invitations (I've been through way too many hurricanes for one lifetime). But, hey! This is a new adventure for me. A new life in Michigan! Maybe it's time I try something new like careening at high speeds on a snowboard down a road covered in fresh snow with cars and trees on both sides. Of course, the very first time I went sledding I wiped out hard enough to be sore for the next week. So, maybe this isn't for me.

While these two were having fun I am in no way encouraging you to do the same. Like those reminders always not try this at home.

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