In honor of National Personal Trainer Day (January 2nd) we're asking for you to vote for your favorite.

It's time to celebrate that person that busts your hump and keeps you motivated.  Vote for your favorite personal trainer in Southwest Michigan below.  One vote per person / per day is allowed.  Voting ends Thursday, Jan 16th, 2020.  We'll have the results for you Friday morning, Jan 17th, 2020.

Important Note: Votes by bots and other 3rd party IP changers will be detected and removed periodically.  Votes outside of Southwest Michigan are also at risk of being removed.  Extreme abuse of these rules can lead to disqualification.  Keep it real, legit and local folks.

These poll results may help you made an educated decision on a new personal trainer just in time to take care of the New Year's Resolution.


If your favorite personal trainer has yet to be nominated, do so in the facebook comments and we'll add them as soon as we can.

Check out the full results from our 2019 personal trainer poll by clicking here.

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