A new gym, which targets fitness for women, is opening soon in Three Rivers.

As a woman, there have definitely been some times where I've felt uncomfortable in the gym. Whether that had to do with my own insecurities or, unfortunately, the random man that decides to interrupt the workout for a "chat" or ogle from across the room...it wasn't always pleasant. Now, before you jump to the "not all men" argument...I know. And I'm certainly not blaming men for every instance of a woman feeling uncomfortable in a gym.

However, if a woman wants to workout in a place where she can feel completely comfortable there's a new option coming to Three Rivers.

Main Street Ladys recently announced their plans for a grand opening on their Facebook page.

While the post doesn't indicate it's women only, it does say that they'll be provides fitness "targeted towards women."

Opening on August 2nd, Main Street Ladys will offer:

  • 11 piece circuit set
  • free weights and kettle bells
  • treadmills and ellipticals
  • sauna, tanning and electric massage chairs

Classes will also be offered although a schedule has yet to be posted.

If you'd like to join memberships are $50 a month or $300 for the year which breaks down to a very affordable $25 a month. You can find more information on Main Street Ladys Facebook page as they prepare for their grand opening.

In the meantime, Main Street Ladys posted a few photos to give a first glance at their brand new gym. Take a look:

A Tour of Main Street Ladys, the New Women's Gym in Three Rivers

A new gym with fitness targeted towards women is opening in Three Rivers. With treadmills, tanning beds, electric massage chairs and more...let's take a tour of this brand new gym.

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