say Sweetwater's is Michigan's best donut. While they like the selection and all, what really got them going was the "candy bar" series.From the Thrillist story, the "candy bar series is probably the most impressive. The Reese's Donut, Snickers, and Mounds of Coconut are all based on deconstructed and remade versions of your favorite treats and are rebuilt into a new pastry."

The piece avoided the chain donuts shops and concentrated on local places. It doesn't say who competed for the Michigan title, but former Tiger pitching hero Mickey Lolich has long been a donut maker in the Detroit area.

Writing about donuts means only one thing; I'm passing by Sweetwater's tonight. Chocolate glazed. Maybe three.

Selection Of Doughnuts In A Tray
ThinkStock; monkeybusinessimages

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