This season has brought some warmer days our way and I've been looking for new, cool drinks to chill me down...but this one may do the opposite.

While searching Instagram for some creative new milkshake ideas, I came across a picture posted by Bardot Bars & Coffee of their signature "Hot Cheeto Frappe."

Apparently this concoction's main ingredient is Flaming Cheetos. I've never been a massive fan of things that are too spicy or hot although I do enjoy a good flavorful kick in the mouth every once in a while. Part of me really wants to try making this considering Cheetos are my favorite snack.

But if I make this, I'm not the only one who's gonna try it. I'm gonna send out an open challenge to Dana Marshall to see who can finish one first! Loser buys the winner a bottle of Pepto. I'll set the challenge a week from today on your show!

The move is yours. The Boys Are in your yard Dana!

Would you ever try this!?


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