The indoor dining ban is still in effect until February 1st. And it's a lot colder this weekend. But the folks at Bell's have come up with a promotion to entice intrepid Michigan beer drinkers over for a really cold one, at Bell's Beer Garden.

Bell's labels it "Winter Garden Days". It's a loyalty program; with temperatures this cold, it would have to be about loyalty.

"Throughout these next few winter weeks, we will choose days that are deemed a "Bell's Coin Day" and you will be rewarded for making a trip to the Eccentric Café. Are you up for braving the cold, winter elements? By coming downtown and enjoying some beer or food outside, you will receive a Bell's coin! (+ a free pair of Bell's branded gloves. Yes, the texting kind) What can you do with your Bell's Coin? Head over to our General Store after your visit and receive 20% off all merch! - Bell's Eccentric Cafe Facebook Page

It's actually a clever way to drum up some business. Bell's will use their social media channels to notify fans of designated "Coin Days".

In a FAQ on its website, Bell's says the beer garden had 15 heaters and well monitored fire pits. (We were at Bell's in December, and they really are sticklers for safety, with staff following safety protocols.) You also get to keep the coin, for further promotions and the gloves look snazzy. Also, you can bring your kids.

Considering this really hasn't been a bad winter (so far), this is great excuse to get out and have a beer.

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