Bell's Eccentric Cafe is set to re-open on Thursday (June 18th). They've announced the ground rules that everyone has to follow.

First of all, for the staff, the rules are: All Bell's employees have to complete a pre-screening before every work. Along with that, they must wear a mask during their shift. And, they have to keep a six foot distance between themselves, co-workers, and customers. Bell's will also employ a housekeeping team, for cleaning and sanitizing all occupied spaces, that will operate throughout the day, to maintain as sanitary an environment as possible, in areas like bathrooms, break rooms, at tables and throughout the site.

Now, here's what expected of you, the customers:

  • Only people 21 and older will allowed to enter.
  • You have to wear a facemask when you enter, and anytime you move around the complex. The only time you can remove and not wear a facemask is when you are seated at your table.
  • Here's a big change: All seating is either in the beer garden or in the patio. Bell's says they've arranged table for social distancing, and combining tables is a major no-no.
  • Here's another change to the process: All purchases are going to be inside, and you'll be limited to food and two beers per person per visit.
  • If you're with a group of people, that group has to be 10 people or less.
  • Here's another change. They're asking you to clean off your own table, though there will be staff available for help.
  • Bell's also says you buy growlers and crowlers while you're there, but you can't consume them on the premises.

And it's mentioned in the rules, but it appears to be on the honor system: If you have a temperature of 100.4 or more, or if you feel like you might have one or more of the symptoms, please don't show up.

Reaction to rules on Facebook is pretty much what you'd expect, with some people being happy and grateful about the re-opening, others not liking one or more of the rules, and even others saying they'll wait until rules become less restrictive.

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