By now most of the community knows just how cool of a shop The Timid Rabbit is. They're clearly a go-to shop when it comes to magic trick props, Halloween costumes or really any occasion where you'd dress up in a costume. Since the Coronavirus hit our city hard, they had to shut down operation until it was safe to re-open the store. Looks like the time has finally come after they announced their store is back in business on Facebook:

Hello everyone. We are pleased to announce that the Timid Rabbit is now open (by appointment for now) Wednesday through Saturday from Noon until 6 PM.
Please call us at 269-343-7777 and we will set up a time to check us out.
We are taking this time to revamp our shop, so right now, it is a bit messy.

The really cool thing though is that they plan on getting rid of A LOT of stuff by hosting a "living estate sale" on future weekends coming up soon. They said they'll be getting rid of everything from collectibles, antiques, props, many decorations from every holiday, household goods, dishes, and some used costumes and shoes. They stated that at every new sale there will be "new and exciting finds."

Timid Rabbit in Kalamazoo was named one of the top 33 most magical shops in the country along with Abbott's Magic in Colon. Tom Kracker of Ohio nominated TTR and went on about how fun the store is:

I’ve spent hours and hours in that shop. Sometimes attending magic workshops that would end when the sun came up. Great selection of magic supplies as well as an amazing amount of knowledge that the owner, Antony, has and shares.

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