If you play the cash code you could win up to $5,000, what would you do with that kind of cash?

The KFR Cash Code has kicked off and you can win up to $5,000. So we asked you, if you won that kind of cash, how would you spend it? Here are just some of the great answers Marshall and McGregor got!

  • Patti -   Take a much needed vacation
  • AlyssaPay some bills!
  • Nicole - Finish getting my truck fixed and road ready for vacay, then get the kids' teachers spring supplies
  • JacobMy girl would definitely take it from me, you should ask her!
  • Nick - Make a large payment on my student loans from wmu
  • Deanne -  Pay bills since my job is closing their doors June 28.
  • Melinda -   Definitely pay off bills. Not very exciting or glamorous, but it is reality. I'd also make a donation to the rescues we adopted our 3 fur babies from!
  • Michelle -   I'd take my four kids to a movie and we'd get theater food. #moneywellspent #outrageous
  • Ursula - Art studio at home! Epic garden, keep bees.
  • Michelle -  A family member is currently in the process of adopting a toddler and infant. I’d put some of it towards the adoptions! I’d also put some of it towards updates in our home. 
  • Kelsey -  Finish house renovations before the arrival of our first child🖤
  • Vincent -   Go see some kick a#* concerts!​

Thank you to everyone that gave their thoughts on how to spend some free cash! How ever you spend your winnings, just have a great time doing it!

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