The fifth graders at Woodward School For Technology and Research are ROCK STARS!

Roofsit 2017 is about to kick off and thanks to the GREAT fifth graders at Woodward School for Technology and Research, we are off to an amazing start!

The students raised $400.52 for Roofsit 2017!!!!!



If you are curious of what "Roofsit" is, The Community Healing Center explains the event best...

"Roof Sit is a 3-day fundraising event that raises funds for the Community Healing Centers’ programs that treat and prevent child abuse and neglect in Southwest Michigan."

Tess Taylor and myself are going up on the roof May 18-20: Located on the corner of Westnedge and Milham in Portage, in front of Old Navy and Kohl’s. We need to raise $70,000 before we come down and we need your help! Just pull up and volunteers will be there to take your donation!

We are so excited and grateful to everyone who is making this incredible event happen! See you at Roofsit!

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