If your stomach is ready to rumble for some tacos, then I think I may have found the perfect spot for you on Saturday, July 31st, as Liquid Note in Otsego on 119 East Allegan Street, will be hosting TacoMania 2 at 7 p.m.. The bar has taken all entries and were excited to announce the return of the event:

The long awaited return of SW Michigan's Premier Taco Eating Competition is happening Saturday, July 31st @ 7pm... TacoMania 2! Watch 16 competitors face off in a single elimination tournament for the TacoMania Championship Title and a $100 cash prize! Will someone strip the title off of the waste of our current champion The Ultimate Taco Warrior Byron Marsh? Or will he walk away the 2 time TacoMania Champion.

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In 2019 at the first TacoMania, Ultimate Taco Warrior Byron Marsh was able to defeat 15 other eaters to become the first TacoMania Champion, which even has it's own title belt. Unfortunately because of the pandemic, this will be the events second installment, but the bar is excited for it as they told me a little about it's history and just how many tacos their champ ate at the inaugural event:

How Does The Event Go?

The first set of matches competitors face off to see who can eat 4 hard shell tacos the fastest. The 2nd round is a physical challenge. Eat a taco, do 3 jumping jacks, eat a taco, do 3 toe touches, eat a taco and do three sit ups. 3rd round is 2 tacos and a small bowl of refried beans.

Then the 4th and final round is the HELL IN THE SHELL round. The last 2 standing have to eat 3 super hot tacos with our homemade ghost pepper sauce. The last one standing is the champion. Our current champ Byron Marsh smoked thru the competition but struggled the last round. So it’s all about speed.

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