We are seeing higher and higher positive cases of Covid-19 in Michigan than ever before, and now it seems one business owner in Kalamazoo says it's time we stop "adding to a narrative that is perpetuating political discourse and non-sense." Yesterday the Founder of Strength Beyond posted an update on Facebook, which has since been deleted, tagging his business as a location, making this unbelievable announcement:

Going forward, masks will not be allowed at Strength Beyond Fitness. We feel that it's adding to a narrative that is perpetuating political discourse and non-sense, and is extremely unhealthy if you are exerting yourself. If you are a member and you feel wearing a mask is protecting you or others text me and I will freeze your account until there are no mask mandates.

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The general consensus among approvers of this decision was, "They forced us to wear masks in places so now we're turning it around on them." This is not the first time Founder Aaron DiPrima has fell into hot water with a social post. Another since deleted post from Instagram pointed out on Reddit made a joke about Battle Creek gyms going soft and an alarm going off if, amongst other things, you "Club a breeding age female and drag her back to your cave for breeding purposes." In 2019, DiPrima was arrested and convicted of and plead guilty to one count of possession of an analogue (steroids).

The New York Times just ranked both Kalamazoo and Battle Creek as "Extremely High Exposure Risk" areas using real data from the past two weeks. In a time where more vaccines are being offered to the public, we need to be extra careful about where we go and how we protect ourselves.

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