For the past few months, anyone who has been travelling along Sprinkle Rd. has noticed a fairly large amount of wood that is being torn down on the south side of Sprinkle & H Ave. At first I thought they were tearing down just a couple of trees, but that quickly turned into a bunch of them, then eventually clearing the corner. Is there a new business about to be built on that spot? Someone recently took to Reddit to ask the same questions:

Recently, there has been a lot of clear cutting going on on the south west corner of H Ave. and Sprinkle rd. They are pouring an entrance off H Ave. it looks like now also. I've tried to find it through google but had no luck. Anybody here know what the plan is for that corner?

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A Local Resident Reveals What They Were Told

I live right near this. Comstock sent out a newsletter because they were getting so many calls. All that they said was they were clearing the lot. There has been some friction between the owner and the neighborhood too. Not much help, but he isn't being forthcoming about what he's planning.

Has anyone else in the area been given any information as to the  clearing of the area? It doesn't seem like they would just clear the corner for no reason, but so far we've been told nothing. If you've heard of any updates let us know on our Facebook post and we'll keep updating as we found out any more information.

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