Could there be anything more frustrating and angering to come out to your car and find it had been vandalized? There a rash of that happening in Watervliet. 

While it's not spraypaint or kicked in doors or keyed side panels it is cheese. Someone has been leaving American cheese slices on cars around the city.

The incidents were reported on the You know you're from Watervliet if... Facebook group:

If anyone lives in Pleasant View check your car for cheese someone put cheese on my husband went to the office they said there been a lot of cars has cheese on it our cameras doesn't show who did it so please watch your car for any type of food

Many commenters chimed in with other areas where processed American cheese slices were left on vehicles. Some couldn't avoid the cheese puns - just like we couldn't for the headline.

Totally agree! Random cheesing incidents just have to stop, enough is enough. Cheesus, when will this madness ever end? When will brie be free of such idiocy? It all just

It's just nacho regular crime anymore, it curd-le's my blood to hear of the whey people act anymore...

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Turns out random cheesing is a thing. WFAA in Dallas reported on similar incidents in Texas.

And it's a thing on social media. There's a #cheesechallenge on TikTok while several YouTube channels dedicated videos to the sophomoric prank.

Caution, there is NSFW language in the video ahead.

Well Watervliet, it seems you're not too small or out of the way to be caught up in a mindless internet trend.

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