I literally laughed out loud at the stupidity of a recent survey which asked if Santa should be rebranded?

According to WNEM, a company called Graphic Springs surveyed 4,000 people in the United States and United Kingdom to find out what a "re-branded" Santa would look like.

The results will leave you shaking your head in disbelief as 27% of the people surveyed actually believe Santa should be a female or gender neutral. What in the holy hell is going on in this world these days?

I'm over here pulling my hair out as I read some of the other rebranding suggestions:

  • 25% said Santa should wear sneakers
  • 22% said he should deliver presents in a flying car
  • 20% said he should have tattoos
  • 18% said he should be wearing skinny jeans
  • 18% said he should get a new hairstyle
  • 17% said he should have a hoverboard

Santa is a man and has been for generations. He has a big ass belly, white beard, red suit and black boots. The old man doesn't need tattoos, skinny jeans, a flying car or some of the other dumb things these morons came up with.

Some things in this world are fine just the way they are.

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