Kristen and Ed Casas were enjoying a Sunday boat ride ti Monitou Island when they ran into some maniacal troubles. While trying right the situation they lost track of their beloved dog Rylee. According to NBC 7&4 Kirsten and Ed Casas said...


"In retrospect I remember her coming out here to see where I was going," said Kristin. "My poor assumption was that she would go back into the cabin with her dad."

About ten minutes went by before Ed says he realized Rylee wasn't with him.

"We assumed she went overboard," Ed said.

Panic and fear soon took over. Rylee was nowhere to be seen in the water.

Ed says he made a 'Dog Overboard Call,' over the radio."

Several Fisherman and the Coast Guard started searching for the lost pup but it wasn't until Lynn Fiedor joined the hunt. Lynn runs the "Lost Dog Search" a group of great people who use the power of social media to help locate lost pets. Lynn's post about Rylee going overboard reached 20,000 people, and soon the Dog was located at 'Platte River Camp Grounds'. Rylee had swam 6 miles to safety and walked more then a dozen miles before she was rescued. The family is now reunited and it is mostly in due to Lynn and the power of Facebook.