There are exactly two types of people in this world: those that immediately start playing Christmas music on November 1st, and those that immediately start planning for the next Halloween season.

If you are the latter, you'll love the tradition held by this tiny mid-Michigan town.

The town of Shepherd, Michigan boasts a population of just under 1,500 people, according to If you grew up in a smaller town you know that everyone pretty much knows everyone else. But, that community feel is especially prominent in Shepherd during Halloween.

As found on Tiktok, each year members of the community gather together for an annual pumpkin carving event. According to the video, the event results in hundreds of carved pumpkins. Kids and adults participate and the pumpkins are then displayed for all to see:

Those participating are asked to simply show up with carving tools and are then given a pumpkin to do with what they will.

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The number of pumpkins, especially when lit up, is impressive. I personally love the added decor like the giant Wicked Witch shoes under the nearby house:

Via/ Tiktok
Via/ Tiktok

And you can't beat the face carved into the giant pumpkin:

Via/ Tiktok
Via/ Tiktok

And this happens every year.

It's easy to harp on small towns for, at times, a lack of variety when it comes to 'things to do.' But, you'll be hard-pressed to find a big city that can bring people together like the annual pumpkin carving event in Shepherd, Michigan.

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