I consider myself to be a frank fanatic. Not only do I love hot dogs of all shapes, sizes, and toppings, I'm also a super fan of the iconic oversized hot dog on wheels-- the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

Having only just moved back to west Michigan a year ago, there's still so much left in the Kalamazoo area that I have yet to uncover. Just in case you were also unaware, did you know there is an insane gourmet hot dog place in Battle Creek?

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Serious Dogs is the creation of two Battle Creek natives, brothers Thomas and James Woodlin. The brothers say they originally came up with the idea to open a gourmet hot dog eatery in 2016, but, "through many setbacks and learning experiences Serious Dogs finally launched in 2020."

Serious Dogs first caught my eye when a friend of mine shared a photo of their "Gouda Mac n Cheese Dog" on social media-- I mean, you had me at mac n cheese! That drove me to their website where I began drooling over such menu items as their "O, Canada Dog" topped with fries, cheese curds, and brown gravy. In addition to offerings of traditional Coney and Chicago-style dogs you'll also find such monstrosities as the "Pulled Pork Dog" topped with BBQ pulled pork and coleslaw.

Are these brothers crazy or genius?!

I suppose I'll be the judge of that when I finally make it over to Battle Creek for my first visit. Add the word "gourmet" to anything and I'm in! I know we've got those over-the-top gourmet milkshakes at places like Cherri's Chocol'art but I had no idea places like Serious Dogs existed in southwest Michigan. Are there any other extreme food creations in town that I need to know about?

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