Over the past few years the Michigan Secretary Of State have been making upgrades which have enhanced the visit experience, with the addition of checking in online. A new upgrade coming this month will add new online options and a more modern record system for residents. During its closure on Presidents Day weekend, the Michigan Department of State will replace the outdated vehicle records system it's used for decades with a modern computer system, according to Local 4.

This will be good for us Michigan residents, as they will be adding new online options, as well as improving existing online features and kiosk services, and giving the staff a more efficient tool to look up vehicle information and process customer  transactions. Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is excited for the future of the SOS, commenting: “This is a vital project for our department and its millions of customers and the first step in implementing our 30-minute guarantee. When fully implemented, the new system will transform our technology, making our work more efficient and our service to customers better than before.” 


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