I did a little research yesterday at our Secretary Of State's website just to see what kind of custom license plates I could have made up if I wanted one. I was surprised to find there are a ton of cool and different ideas for you to put on your car that not only carry a strong Michigan theme, but also some local ideas to give your car some Kalamazoo flare. Here are some ideas that are currently available:

The ultimate fan of KFR plate!

Some juggalo love from Kalamazoo

Perfect for Winter

Throwing that shade...

Be the only employee to show the extreme amount of love for the Pfizer company

Ann Arbor's Own!

Show some love for Detroit's Faygo Pop company!

We need more sun...

Bronson love!

Seriously...watch out for these

Now that you know these are available, feel free to snag one up, or have fun coming up with your won ideas.