See the different ways Michigan women are wearing scarf's this season!

When you were a kid, Mom would wrap a wool scarf around your neck, then up and over your mouth before you set off to play in the snow. We have come a long way since then, scarf's now are for anytime of year and can be an amazing accessory to any outfit!

Allystewart33 from instagram, dresses up jeans and a sweater with a soft, printed scarf (for the record, this is my favorite look).

allystewart33 via instagram

This is a super fun look! blackfish_apparel uses the scarf to pull her hair back, adorable!

blackfish_apparel via instagram

Classic! A cold day and a warm woven scarf, perfect!

lindahoi via instagram

Scarf's are not just for the body. Maybe you don't need a scarf at the moment, but later in the day you will. Attaching your scarf to your purse is simply adorable!

topazz_ny via instagram


Even men are getting into the scarf trend (woman love a guy in a scarf)!

Sam_who98 via instagram

If you are looking to updated your scarf collection, you must check out Plato's Closet in Battle Creek. I have purchased several scarf's from them, and they are awesome!


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