Summer may be coming to a close, but there is still time to get the perfect swim suit!

I HATE bathing suit shopping, it seems that the florescent  lights shed a bad light on all my flaws. Yet, the reality is, when you find your perfect suit, it is love! If you have not found your dream swim suit this summer it is not to late. Plus, if you are planning a winter get-a-way to someplace warm, your are gonna want to have a suit ready to go.

Over the years the style changed, the fabric changed (thank the heavens) and the colors changed. Here is the skinny on swim suit styles over the years!


  • Believe it or not wool was the material used to make swimsuits! (WOOL! how uncomfortable, right? And amazingly heavy when wet).
  • Woman wore stockings or shoes with their swimsuit, how not cool is that (and I do mean temperature).
  • Swim suits were made as a one piece.


  • Swimsuits where finally made with a stretchy material, instead of wool.
  • Form fitting styles of the swimsuits finally hit the market.


  • The bikini was introduced!!!!!
  • The new bikini covered up the gals belly-button


  • Underwire was finally used in the making of bathing suits.


  • Swimsuits got smaller!
  • The style was "fun in the sun"


  • The colors of swimsuit's became vivid.
  • The swim suits became more reveling.
  • Cover-ups were introduced, from shirts to caftans, everyone was wearing them

1980's & 1990's

  • Thanks to the TV show 'Babywatch' bathing suits became more sporty and versatile in style.


  • Finally swim suits are catered to different body types and styles for every woman.

Looking for a great swim suit? It's not too late to get a great piece, just check out Plato's Closet in Battle Creek!

Heather McGregor/TSM
Heather McGregor/TSM


ÃÂé Nicole S. Young
ÃÂé Nicole S. Young

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