Parents Mike and Heather Martin have had 2 of their children taken away from them because of the youtube video's they posted.

The Maryland couple who filmed pranks that they played on their kids, then posted the video's to youtube, have lost their kids. The New York Post reported...

"The dad and stepmom under fire for a viral YouTube video pranking their kids lost custody of two of them to their biological mother."

Rose Hall (the biological mother) had shared custody of the children and stated...

“It was very heartbreaking. It’s disturbing to see my kids abused,”

The couple defended their actions saying...

The prank was harmless, saying the children enjoyed appearing in the videos.

Heather Martin (the stepmom) added...

“This has been the absolute worst week of our life and we realize we have made some terrible parenting decisions,” Heather Martin said.


Kalamazoo responded to the story...

Dee - I am glad to hear that social services has stepped in but what about all the other kids out there being abused. Why did it take the videos being posted on youtube for something to be done for them?

KimI am glad the children were taken away. But, why did it take so long for the biological mother to get involved? Why didn't the kids tell there mom? It's another case of people wanting to be famous and using their kids as a venue to make that happen, just like Honey Boo Boo. And I am glad the kids are getting counseling.

Jennifer - Nobody in their right mind would post videos like that on youtube, it shows really bad parenting. If the proper procedures were followed, and a decision was made to take the kids out of the home, I support it!

Kelly - Emotional abuse can be just as bad as physical abuse. I just hope the biological mother is a good parent! 

Jeff - When are teased or pranked as child, it comes back to haunt you as an adult.

What do you think? Did the parents go too far?


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