A Playboy Playmate wants to tell of her 9-month love affair with POTUS.

Karen McDougal grew up in the small town Sawyer, located just North of New Buffalo, moved away, and became Playboy Playmate of the year and now is suing for the rights to tell her story. And what a story it is, Karen claims to have been President Trump's lover, but can not tell her own story

Mlive explained the situation that McDougal has found herself in and what she is requesting...

In November 2016, McDougal signed a publishing rights contract with American Media, Inc., to share her story about the affair. However, no articles about the alleged affair have been published by American Media and now McDougal is suing to be released from a clause in the contract requiring her silence on the issue.

Oh, and a side note about the company 'American Media', they are the parent company of the classic tabloid magazine 'The National Enquirer'.

It looks like Karen wants to share her story. In fact, she has gone as far as producing letters she wrote to a friend regarding the love affair with the future President long before she ever stepped into a contract with 'American Media'.

The story of the affair became public last month when The New Yorker published a story about the bunny where she confirmed the authenticity of the letters she wrote regarding the affair.

Rumors say the two meet at an event at the Playboy Mansion and started a physical relationship soon after. McDougal claims Trump offered to pay, be she declined.

I suppose for full details of McDougal's side of the story we will have to wait for the lawsuit to be settled.

The White House has declined to comment on the alleged affair.

I guess we will all have to stay tuned to learn more.


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