Plainwell residents will soon have another option when it comes to fueling their mornings. After plenty of hard work behind the scenes, Dunkin' district manager Michael McMurray announced the news on social media saying,

Plainwell Guess who’s going to be running on Dunkin in 2023?
YOU!!!...Dunkin coming to Allegan County(Plainwell) and future sites are under development
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When Will Dunkin' Open?

Now, this is big news for lil 'ol Allegan County where I live. Folks have been clamoring for literally years to get a Dunkin' and now their wish will finally be granted! According to McMurray the new coffee chain will plan to open its doors in April of next year.

Where Will the New Store be Located?

According to McMurray's posts the new Dunkin' store will be located just off of M-89 near the Plainwell Taco Bell. Coincidentally, or perhaps very intentionally, this new store just so happens to be located across from another popular coffee franchise, Michigan-based Biggby coffee.

As I pass by the Plainwell Biggby every morning I have seen firsthand the type of chaotic backups that arise from daily coffee drinkers trying to get their morning fix. No doubt Dunkin' thinks they can tap into some of Biggby's coffee customer base.

Jealous, Much?

As someone who lives in Allegan, I would like to take a second to vent: why does Plainwell get all the good stuff? Not only do they have both Meijer and Walmart, but now they're getting a Dunkin' too?! We only just got our first Biggby in Allegan earlier this year-- and now you're telling me Plainwell will now have Starbucks, Biggby, and now Dunkin' all within the same one mile stretch of M-89? Color me green with envy.

Locals React

Like I said, Plainwell residents have been begging for a Dunkin' for years. Although many were elated by this news, not everyone shared the same sentiments. Here's what area locals had to say:

  • "America runs on Dunkin!! love the coffee" - Austin Kreutz
  • "I’ve been waiting so long for Dunkin’ to make a come back! The only one I could go to for the longest was somewhere past Grandville" - Bryanna Toth-Polega
  • No thank you. I'll stick with my biggby coffee & wesco donuts. Allegan can have it. Biggby, mezzo, & Starbucks are all better than dunkin." - Crystal Marie

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