Back in February, Pizza Katerina in Kalamazoo closed almost unexpectedly. No one was quite sure why, but it was a huge loss as lots of people really enjoyed their food. Recently on Reddit, the owner, Paul, went online to explain why they were forced to close and it's a very unfortunate situation. On the post he explains that they received some really hard news towards the end of the month:

In short, toward the end of February we found out that my wife Kathleen's cancer had returned. We had to close the shop immediately and look to taking care of her. Of course we all know the Covid-19 pandemic also began around this time and though we were in the process of making needed changes to stay open during this time, obviously family comes first and we will simply not be able to re-open.

Unfortunately it looks like they won't be opening their doors going forward, but Paul did give an update on his wife's situation, continuing:

Kathleen is hanging in there. We have had our ups and downs during all of this, but she is still fighting and we do have reason to still hope for a good outcome.

Paul went on to say that they're currently in the process of trying to sell the shop and have a few interested parties. He even went as far as keeping an open mind about even selling the name and recipes, so that new ownership will still be able to deliver the same food. We wish Paul and his wife nothing but the best and a speedy recovery.

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