Wow, I know it's a lot to take in, but this may be the funniest case of mistaken identity that a town in Michigan has ever faced. This past weekend a woman from the Philippines joined the Facebook group 'Colon Community: Anything & Everything Colon.' Apparently she did not come there to be informed about all the happenings of the Magic Capital of the World. In a post she quickly realized she may have joined the wrong group, stating:

 Funny that I joined this group. I was looking for Colon Cleansing groups. LOL. Hello, Colon people! Angel here from the Philippines. I'm so sorry.

This was met with a lot of laughter because, people who live in Colon seem to be pretty good sports about the town they live in and the sense of humor that goes along with it. Many people offered funny responses:

This post wins the internet today.

We like to keep our community clean Angel . Stay here for tips!

Too funny! When I was living in WI I posted on FB to my Colon friends that I was coming to visit. The women I worked with at the clinic said they seriously thought I was going to discuss bowel issues.

But wait there’s more!! Butz road is just outside of colon!

Well, at least this woman has a funny story, and who knows, maybe when this pandemic is all over she can come down to Colon and get a first hand experience at how cool of a town it is.

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