One of of my first experiences with the area when I first moved here in 2017 was The Olde World Village in Augusta. A co-worker at the time introduced me to the Haunted Hallow Halloween walk through. It was such a chilling and awesome experience, and now I'm worried i may not be able to experience that again. The Olde World Village posted a status on Facebook on Friday that has fans worried and upset. The status read:

"Due to unforeseen and unexpected circumstances, we will not be opening at our regularly scheduled time. As of right now, the only event that is currently canceled for the 2019 season is the Easter Egg Hunt that should have been scheduled for this weekend. The phone will remain off and the email will not be checked until everything is straightened out. Please send all correspondence to The Olde World Village 13215
M-96 Augusta MI 49012. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!"

I for one hope that whatever challenges they're facing can be solved and they get back on their feet again soon.

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