Okay, it's time the clear the decks. Fresh start. No more starting these stories with "a year like no other". Though I will tell you, I have seen some funny memes today, like "I want to stay up til midnight just to watch 2020 die." And the Ramones' lyric is all over Twitter "20-20, four hours to go.".

So what are we actually looking forward to? Well, from everything I read, if all these vaccines are effective, we might be getting back to "normal" some time mid year, June, July. That would be nice. I'd be happy just to be able to walk into my favorite watering hole and have a burger and a beer. (though a friend pointed out today, that since he's been wearing a mask, he hasn't had his annual head cold.)

As far a pop culture and stuff goes, there will be new movies coming out, though there will be less places to see them. There a new Cinderella movie, a new Rugrats movie, and some serious movies, including one with Oscar winners Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman, "The Father".  Not sure if we should be excited about a new Ghostbusters movie. The same thing goes for Coming to America 2.

Sports. Well, sports is back, but it seems like too many of the local teams are in re-build mode. Still, I'm a White Sox fan, and they seem to be favorites in the American League Central. But the prospects for the rest, whether it's Detroit or Chicago aren't so bright.

Concert and festival, well, I guess the best thing to say is, we'll have to wait and see. So much is riding on the efficacy of the vaccines. We'll see.

Television, which is sort of morphed with movies these days, a show I wrote about last week, Ted Lasso, starts filming season two in March. I guess I'll have to buy another phone to get some free Apple TV+. The new Mayim Bialik series on Fox is not getting reviews, but it's based on a British series, so maybe there's hope it'll find its way. There's also a bunch of action hero shows coming out on channels like the CW. And you know, every year there's a break out hit that nobody saw coming.

As far as our own lives, any resumption of normalcy will go a long way to helping get out minds' right.

So here's to 2021 - Please don't be like that previous year we won't speak of.

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