Jeffrey Dahmer is a household name again, due to his popularity on Netflix with the new series "Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story," starring Evan Peters, and a new documentary series with recordings of Dahmer being interviewed.

But we have to realize, and remember, that Jeffrey Dahmer was a REAL person, and he did some AWFUL things... and someone could be living in his old Dorm Room at Ohio State.

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Dahmer enrolled for a semester at Ohio State in 1978, just months after he'd already committed his first murder. As most freshmen do, he stayed in the dorms, and the building he was in, still stands to this day.

One redditor posted in an Ohio State subreddit...

Morrill Tower is a legendary building at Ohio State, one of "The Towers," and two of the oldest undergraduate dormitories on campus.

Dahmer allegedly shared a "quad" unit with other students, keeping his own bedroom, but sharing a bathroom with three other people - Unit 540, or 541 according to the Reddit poster.

One commenter, who claimed to be a 1998 graduate of Ohio State says the suite he stayed in is still in use, and there's a sign on the door that says...

"Yes, Jeffrey Dahmer used to live here. No, you cannot come in to see it."

He only spent one semester on campus, even though his dad had already paid for the full year. But his drinking really impeded his education. He only received one passing grade while on campus - a B- in riflery.

He left school after just three months with a .45 GPA.

After his short stint at Ohio State, Dahmer would join the military, then return home and eventually relocate to Wisconsin where the majority of his gruesome murders took place.

Dahmer is a hot topic right now because of the new, trending series on Netflix. The series takes place over about a 10-year period while Dahmer was already living in Milwaukee.

There's also a limited documentary series, "Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes" coming to Netflix on October 7th, where Dahmer is on tape, confessing to many of his murders.

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