Local law enforcement is still looking for the nude bicyclist and they can't bare it.  However, a witness was able to get a photo of the streaker on two wheels.

There's not much meat to this story, but here's what we do know.  It was before 7 AM on a Wednesday morning that a man was seen riding his bicycle on Jefferson Avenue in St. Clair Shores according to the Macomb Daily.  It's important to note that we don't know this guy's story.  Maybe his boss said, "I better see your @ss at work by 7 AM."  See, he could simply be a guy who follows instructions to a tee.  There are no reports that the overconfident cyclist did anything wrong other than his lack of clothing.  However, no bones about it, the people who saw the man weren't happy.


I'll tell you who shouldn't be happy.  That bicycle seat.  This makes me wonder if the police are looking for him to site him for indecent exposure our to do a medical check on his nether regions.

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The naked cyclist was only reportedly spotted that one time.  As of the time of that this story was published there is no word on whether the overconfident man has retired from streaking or if he'll stick it out one more year.

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