Pokemon is taking over the world...again.  

My sister and I used to collect Pokemon cards when we were kids so, of course we've downloaded the new Pokemon Go app.  She started playing it first so she had to give me some pointers and I was instantly addicted!

I caught this guy yesterday:


This morning at the radio station I caught another!


According to Business Insider,

1.  "Pokemon Go" already has more active users every day than apps like, Tinder, Snapchat, and Instagram.  And it's about to pass Twitter.

2.  People are already figuring out ways to beat the game's physical exercise requirement.  There are reports of people using drones and ceiling fans to keep their phones moving, to get Pokemon creatures to appear.

3.  Apparently "Pokemon Go" is also a good way to find dates?  There are stories popping up on social media about people meeting while they're playing, and Craigslist's Missed Connections section is full of messages from players.

4.  When you install "Pokemon Go", you give it full access to your Google account, including all your emails and documents.  You can turn that off by going to security.google.com and clicking "Connected Apps and Sites."

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