Photography is done way different in 2021 versus say...1976 for instance. Although portable cameras were readily available in 1976, the photos taken from your Polaroid were no match to what you could have taken by a professional photographer at a brick and mortar professional photography studio.

Don't get me wrong, professional photographers could go mobile back in the day. Just ask any of us old schoolers who deplored the thought of having to show our closed eyes, ugly smirk photos that we were forced to pass out to everyone after picture day at school. Talk about a nightmare...

But I digress...

This is about the big leagues of photography back in the day. The place your Mom had to call and set up an appointment for your senior pictures...when you were in kindergarten. THAT kind of place.

Sharon Ferraro and her brother know all to well about professional photography studios as their Dad owned one for years. And if you're old enough to remember what those professional photography studios looked liked, well then you're going to appreciate this. It wasn't uncommon for a lot of the photographers to have their work displayed in frames adorning the walls of the studio waiting room. This would quickly put customers at ease knowing full well that their photos will come out looking just as astonishing.

This is where our story begins...

Sharon Ferraro and her brother recently came across a lot of professionally framed photos that once hung on the walls of their Dad's Photography studio in Kalamazoo and rather than just toss the photos they thought it better to reach out and see if maybe the subjects of the photos or in some cases, the relatives of the subjects in the photos would want them.

I love this task the two of them have taken on and I want to help by asking for your help. Please read what Sharon and her brother are selfishly offering and then if you would, take a stroll through the photos and see if you recognize any of them. Lets try and get as many "home" as we can.

From Sharon Ferraro on Facebook:

My brother and I were cleaning out things stored at my dad's. As a professional photographer for over half a century, he often made large prints - usually 16" x 20" - for professional competitions and to display at the studio. The album is attached. We would be happy to give these portraits to family members. If you can ID someone, and you would like the print, please email me at I may or may not monitor comments, depending on how the week goes, so if you want to contact me use the email. Framed portraits come with the frame.

Look through the following photos and see if you recognize any of them - they might be you or someone you know!!

Unknown Photos

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