Colon is a wonderful village, especially if you're in the mood to get away from it all and relax in a town that's almost in the middle of nowhere. The village itself has an incredibly unique history for being such a small town. But this little town packs a punch! There many great things about the village! Here are some of the many reasons many of its current and former residents love it so much:

Russ Spearow- 4th of July. For a small community, Colon has one of the bigger fireworks shows around. And of course, I had one of the better seats to watch it every year as a kid. I miss the haunted forest during Halloween and donkey basketball games, as well.
Terry Craft- The People. Colon is not only home to a small Amish community but the people who live in or are from Colon know what it's like to live the good life. They're always watching out for one another, are super kind, and are all about easy living in a peaceful setting.
Tricia Mae- I don’t live there now but I’d have to say the 4th (of July) and being able to take a run at any time of the day and feel safe on any back or side street.
Linda Andrews- Palmer Lake!
Lani Schrock Juday-My Grand-kids can ride bikes and walk everywhere without harm.
BJ Mallen- Abbott's Magic. I'm in Abbott's almost everyday, but do have shows and other commitments when I'm not around. We also are gearing up for the Abbott's Magic Get Together August 1-4.
Cindy Cossairt- Climbing the water tower as a kid.. Being a part of the "street rat" gang, endless days being raised on Palmer Lake, and watching the colors change at the dam
Anne Marie Ulberg- I use to go to school there 1st grade through part of 8th grade. I miss my friends. Oh, and the pizza!
Stacy Decker Ellison- My Grandma Decker's home! Walking to the Tastee freeze, seeing the lights at the dam and her hosting the magicians every summer.❤️
Sue Hughes- The freedoms I experienced as a child while growing up around Palmer lake! Having multi-generations around me;feeling welcomed into their lives! A great childhood with friends who are still with me today! Thank you, Colon!
Pam Thaxton- My Aunt Marge’s...candy bars from across the street, Mr Fris(bie) always puttering on a mower, real rides on the 4th🎡!!!
Angela Martin- Walking to the M&M Grille after elementary school to buy French fries and root beer. Also going to Bisel’s for fireball candies and seeing the t-shirt transfers at the back of the store. 4th of July cake walk, eating rabbit ears, and throwing candy from the fire truck with my dad in the parade.

People sure do hold a special place in their heart for Colon. Here are some other special things about Colon, MI:



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