One click on this video, and you'll see that these Home Depot employees are "more than just doing" — Owosso's Home Depot's got talent.

Every year, Home Depot holds a talent contest for its staff from across the country. And some of these folks are pretty talented.

The Owosso Home Depot crew, which consists of DJ Chewy, Jordan Sovis and MiCayla Marks, recently put together a parody video titled "The Magical World of Depot (2015 Home Depot Star Search)" that features many favorite Disney movies, including "Frozen," "Aladdin," "The Lion King," "Pocahontas" and more magical tunes.

In this parody, the trio rewrites lyrics of famous Disney songs to compliment Home Depot's products (listen, and you'll learn about tiling a floor, picking out paint colors and more).

The talented Owosso crew also won last year's Home Depot contest (click here for that video) and got to go to Vegas to perform their song live at a fancy show that rivals some Grammy performances.

You kind of wish that these three would try out for the singing shows, because those show's need some talent.

The staff at the Home Depot in Owosso really does knock it out of the park. Take a look:

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