Come see the history of the Hallmark Keepsakes...

Many of us have fond memories of decorating the Christmas tree. Some ornaments are sentimental, some are fun, and others just fill the back of the tree that people don't see. Now everyone will see, and can experience the history of Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments this holiday season!

The Detroit free Press has announced that starting this week (11/25) and lasting through the holidays, the Henry Ford Museum (located in Dearborn) will be displaying 110 samples of a huge, new collection of Hallmark Keepsake ornaments acquired from a Hallmark retailer in the Midwest. The really cool part is that the museum has an original ornament from the first year the decorations where produced in 1973. From then you can travel through Christmas time enjoying the decorations produced up until 2009. The decorations originally belonged to a family-owned Hallmark store, the Party Shop, in Indiana that opened in 1978.

According to the museum, this year is just a small taste of what is coming to the show case over the next few years.

For times and events you can visit The Henry Ford Museum, oh, and Merry Christmas!

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