What is the last lesson learned by university students across Michigan? All the things you used during the year, just leave it behind. It's easier that moving it. College students have left behind a shocking amount of possessions as campuses across the state.

The Lansing State Journal reports that students at the East Lansing campus of Michigan State left behind 300 tons of belongings rater than be bothered by moving them.

Among the top leave-behinds - microwaves, futons and carpet.

Some 600,000 pounds, or 300 tons, of goods, ranging from food waste to furniture, was left by approximately 15,000 students this spring, Jolley said. That means the average student left behind 40 pounds of stuff.

“Futons and carpets have become disposable items,” Jolley said. “We’re honestly still counting the futons."

Petty estimated some 400 futons have already come through the door, with more furniture inbound. He and Hunter were clearing racks stacked with carpets Friday morning in anticipation of some 100 bunk bed frames being delivered next week.

Imaging the thousands of dollars spent on those items only to have them. Some of the left-behinds will be sold at MSU's surplus store. The rest will he headed for landfills.

Were did the students' tons of trash come from? Move-in day, of course. Here's what move-in looked like at Michigan State at the beginning of the year.

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