A Michigan business is taking a bite out of the internet with this crazy Christmas tree.

Usually, when a dentist creates a buzz, it's because a patient has a cavity.  This time, there's far less anxiety involved.  This Michigan dentist has created a huge buzz about his Christmas tree.  The tooth fairy couldn't pay for this much free advertising and visibility.  In fact, Dr. William Demray told Hometown Life that his tree almost caused an accident before it was even finished,

The tree is an attention-grabber.  (Thursday) while we were putting it up for the first time, there was a near collision outside our office. We heard a semi lay on its horn because a driver in front of him had hit its brakes to stop and do a double-take of the tree.

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Dr. Demray created this pearly-white Christmas tree in front of Preservation Dental in Northville, Michigan.  This tree is more molar than polar as it's made of 1,111 fake teeth.  Each tooth is nearly a foot tall.  The tree itself stands 16 feet high.  Is this the tallest Christmas tree made of teeth? Yes!  Is it the only Christmas tree made of teeth?  Probably, yes.

Maybe this will spur a little Holiday creativity among local businesses when it comes to their decorations.  Radio stations could create Christmas trees made of radios.  Car dealerships could erect Christmas trees made of cars.  Marijuana dispensaries could create Christmas trees made of...OK, let's scratch that last one.

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