Where was this course when I was growing up?

In an effort to "demystify" adulthood, the extension program at Michigan State is offering a new course to help students navigate the responsibilities and realities of being an adult.

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Aptly titled "Adulting 101" these free courses are offered via Zoom and are jam-packed with a variety of real-life skills to encourage and help high school students and young adults live an independent lifestyle.

Topics covered in Adulting 101 range from home skills, paychecks and taxes, medical insurance, money management, and building and protecting your credit. Quite frankly, these are areas most grown adults (like myself) still don't understand!

Of the course the MSU Extension website says,

Adulting 101 programming allows youth and young adults to gain skills and knowledge of useful information that will help them be successful in an ever changing world.

Who Can Take This Course?

Staff at the MSU Extension tell Fox 2 Detroit they're averaging about 100 teens per class, but what about adults? Because I seriously want in on this.

According to their website, these classes are offered to high school teens and young adults, but I don't see any information regarding grown adults attending the classes. They are free, so surely they won't turn me away for the sake of education-- right?

About the MSU Extension

An offshoot of the university, the MSU Extension has been helping "...people improve their lives by bringing the vast knowledge resources of MSU directly to individuals, communities and businesses." And they've been doing it for over 100 years!

I'm so grateful that schools like Michigan State are investing and helping to shape the Michigan of the future by offering programs like Adulting 101. More information on these free courses is available here.

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