When you zoom in on a state map of Michigan, you start to see some seriously interesting names for cities, towns, villages and townships. We've gone through all sorts of names here in Michigan, whether it's some of the Naughtiest Named Towns like Climax, Dick, Sac Bay & Jugville, to some of the Oddest names such as Mullet Lake, Free Soil, Nonsuch, Slapneck, Germfask and Topinbee. But if you ever take a look there are a lot of towns that seem to have very similar names.

Not similar in how they sound necessarily, but names that almost seem to go together. Every town name has its own story as to how it came to be, but these are just too good and I felt we needed to share with you some names that can't be coincidence. I tried doing a search myself but found that nobody has put a list together like this, so we spent a while zooming in on every little town, and actually came up with a fun and impressive list.

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Quick Fact: Did you know there is a town called Homer AND Flanders that both reside in Michigan? That's is basically what you can expect to see here. It took a while to look all of these up and as you'll notice, some of these townships aren't even recognized on the maps app, but a quick search on Google will help you locate their coordinates if you want to try and visit any pair of locations.

Michigan Towns that Were Separated At Birth


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