A schoolyard scuffle ends with the threat of gun play.

Mlive.com is reporting that Bangor Township Schools officials have canceled classes for Tuesday, Jan. 30, following a perceived security threat to John Glenn High School.

Yesterday a Facebook post from the school stated...

Late today we received what we perceive to be a security threat to JGHS. Due to the timing and seriousness of the threat, we feel we need to cancel school tomorrow until this concern can be fully investigated. Therefore, all Bangor Township Schools, including our childcare program at Bangor Central, are closed on Tuesday, January 30th , 2018.

According to the Bay County Sheriff Troy Cunningham

The incident, which unfolded Monday, Jan. 29, involved an altercation between at least two students in the district on social media. An anonymous post related to that altercation referenced bringing a firearm into the school.

Police say they are taking this threat extremely seriously and are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all students.

Sheriff Cunningham also gave some advice...

"Parents need to drive the point home that you can't go on social media to vent and say whatever you want," he said. "They might think it's just private messaging, but if someone screenshots it, then it can become very public."

Threats of violence are not acceptable in any setting, let alone a school. I am relieved that the Banger Township Schools are doing everything they can to keep kids safe!


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