For some reason, many people are drawn to take photos on or next to this one spot in Michigan without realizing it's private property.

Whether you are an influencer, a professional photographer, or just a lover of taking selfies, you can get in big trouble taking photos on private property without permission.  In some cases, you would not only be putting yourself in legal trouble for trespassing but also, putting yourself in danger.  The junction where illegal and dangerous meet would be railroad tracks.  So, what will happen if you get caught taking photos on railroad tracks?

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It is Illegal in Michigan to take photos on railroad tracks

The railroad is considered private property.  So, regardless of the safety concerns that walking on or near railroad tracks presents, it is simply trespassing.  However, there are specific laws revolving around railroad tracks.  The Railroad Code of 1993 in Michigan states that you can serve up to 30 days in jail and/or a $100 fine according to,

462.273 Walking, riding, driving, or being upon or along right-of-way or yard; permission required; “right-of-way” defined; being upon, entering, or damaging buildings, rolling stock, or equipment; applicability of section; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.

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This law is completely understandable when you factor in the many injuries and/or deaths on railroad tracks.  However, not all Michigan laws make sense.  Check out these crazy ones below.

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