Comedy comes in all different forms and one of my new favorite forms comes from a guy who was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1977. Tony Baker's videos are starting to make him an internet celebrity and are spread across the internet like wildfire for his ability to take a video of animals, babies, or people doing random things and turn them into hilarious skits.

Whether it's his "Cram Ram," "Chris Wagner Along With Buddy Tubbs," "Natalie Cat," or one of his many other hilarious voice over videos, Tony Baker is really the only person who needs to do this form of comedy because he's pretty much mastered it as seen here:

As great as his voice-over work is, he's also a stand-up comedian. Currently he's on the "Real Comedians of Social media" stand up tour which just had a stop in Detroit. This is a clip taken from one of his shows on tour:

Here's a few more of his best videos you can see on his Facebook. Keep an eye out for them. It's a nice break from the drama and politics.



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