Michigan ranked very high in obese dogs and cats in a recent study.  What does this mean?

First, let's check out the numbers from banfield.com.  Banfield’s research team analyzes data from more than 2.5 million dogs and half a million cats across our hospitals.

The ranking below are based on the percentage of dogs that are considered overweight.  Michigan's dog population is estimated at 34,166,  A whopping 38% of them are porkers.  The U.S. average is 31%.

States with the fattest dogs

  1. Minnesota: 41%
  2. Nebraska: 39%
  3. Michigan: 38%
  4. Idaho: 38%
  5. Nevada: 36%
  6. New Mexico: 34%
  7. Washington: 34%
  8. Utah: 34%
  9. Indiana: 34%
  10. Oregon: 34%


Michigan's estimated cat population is 7,997.  39% of our state's felines are too chubby.  The U.S. average is 34%.

States with the fattest cats

  1. Minnesota: 46%
  2. Nebraska: 43%
  3. Iowa: 42%
  4. Idaho: 40%
  5. Delaware: 39%
  6. Michigan: 39%
  7. Nevada: 38%
  8. Kansas: 38%
  9. Utah: 37%
  10. New Mexico: 37%


Does this really matter?  Isn't possible our pets are chunky because we love and spoil them?  Sure.  However, obesity leads to a shorter life span.  That's less time with our fury family members.  Huffpost.com explains a simple lifestyle change can make a big difference,

Feeding your pet the right number of calories is crucial, and a vet can help you determine what that number should be. But it’s also important to get your pet moving. For dogs, that might mean going for a walk or throwing a ball around, and for cats it can mean playing with interactive toys they can chase.

So, I guess this means less Netflix and more walking my dogs.

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