Nope that wasn't Shawn Mendes, it's WMU Cheerleader Conor 

Every year, WKFR heads over to Bronco Bash at Western Michigan University to welcome the students back and have a great afternoon on campus.

This year was as awesome as always then we saw him...Conor, the Western Michigan University Cheerleader that looks just like Shawn Mendes! I am not joking! The height, broad shoulders, dark hair...the two fella's look like twins.

Check out Marshall and McGregor's Interview With WMU Cheeleader Conor

I gabbed on and on about the Western Cheerleader that looks like "In My Blood" singer Mendes, until finally Dana Marshall invited Conor to stop by the station. I was shocked when Conor showed up (not sure I would of considering we are total strangers to the guy), and he was super cool!

Conor explained that he has been told in the past that he looks like Mendes, and even shared some photo shopped pictures a friend created of Conor and the singer. Conor was wonderful to interview and a true gentlemen. We are looking forward to talking with him again soon, and possibly getting the whole WMU Cheerleader Squad in for some morning show fun!

Go Bronco's and thank you Conor for your time!




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