Mark Wahlberg will spend today in Detroit, supporting a new business deal. is reporting that Mark Wahlberg...

 plans to introduce a new business relationship with Meijer at stores in Taylor and Royal Oak at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m."

In the upcoming year, all Meijer stores will stock Performance Inspired Nutrition products that were co-founded by Mark Wahlberg. A portion of the profits from Performance Inspired Nutrition will be donated to charities and  Mark says that he looks forward to working with Meijer and their charitable causes.

Now, if all of that is not cool enough Mark said that...

The burger chain will also bring food trucks to select Meijer locations, featuring a selection of popular menu items, including Wahlberg's favorite, the Thanksgiving Day Sandwich.

Let's go shopping, I am craving a Wahlburger!



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