For the all the awful things that have happened to the city of Flint, finally something great happened; Claressa Shields brings not only one but two Gold medals home!

According to Mlive, Claressa is the first American two-time Olympic Gold medalist Boxer. Claressa says "I finally feel my life is in order", but is unsure if she is going to turn pro or train for the 2020 Olympics.

The city of Flint held a celebration in Claressa's honor where 700 people showed up dressed in red, white and blue with flags and signs. Yet, that was not the only thrilling part for the gold medalist, Mark Wahlberg sent her 26 second cell phone message congratulating her on her accomplishments.

This amazing young lady has so much to look forward too; she may even sometime in the future work with Mark, because she is set to star in the upcoming movie "Punch Me". Who knows where this lady may go!


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