Starting Monday, April 16th will be the starting date of a major construction/closure project that will shut down 28 miles of road on I-696 Between I-94 and I-75; a project that will cost $90,000,000. This may cause issue for those of us who travel to the east side during the summer for family, baseball games, and other fun, and an alternative route is suggested considering the highway will not be re-opened until November according to WDIV 4 Detroit.

Credit: MDOT
Credit: MDOT

The good news for East siders for now is that construction only begins next Monday. According to Alan Ostrowski who is the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) project manager, MDOT crews will be prepping the freeway for closure with signs going up and temporary signals being put up, which will prep for the closures which will start at the end of April or early May.



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