Kid Rock may not be running for office but he wants your vote!

The buzz a few months ago was that Kid Rock was going to run a political campaign and hopefully become a Senator. that did not happen but what has is rather interesting. When Kid was mulling over the idea to toss his political hat (or should I say baseball cap) into the world of politics, themed merchandise around his political bid was sold, and money earned.

Now Kid Rock has decided what he would like to do with that money. According to ...

 Kid Rock donated approximately $122,000 from sales of merchandise promoting the campaign to a voter registration effort run by CRNC Action, an affiliate of the College Republican National Committee.

The CRNC Action team ran voter registration efforts at Kid Rock concerts last year as Rock was hinting at the possibility of running for office.

After making the decision not to seek office, Kid made the generous donation in December.

Very cool, now get out and is what Kid Rock would want!


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